Within the social responsibility project realized by AGİD (Turkish Lighting Luminaries Manufacturers Association), Ataşehir Municipality, CarrefourSa, Tohum Autism Foundation, and Exitcom jointly, unused electronic items and lamps will be collected in CarrefourSa stores and will contribute to the education of children with autism.

The project will start at CarrefourSa Stores in Ataşehir from the 2 of October

AGİD has carried out a new social responsibility project with Atasehir Municipality which gives importance to the environment and human health and serves as a model for many institutions in Turkey with developing projects in this regard.

Nowadays, electronic waste which is the fastest growing type of waste, together with valuable elements, contains many substances that are harmful to the environment and human health.

If the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment is not properly collected, recovered or disposed of, the hazardous substances they contain will spread uncontrollably to the environment and cause irreversible damages.

As a result of all these problems, public and private sectors came together to create a social responsibility project. AGİD, Ataşehir Municipality, and Exitcom signed a joint protocol for the collection of electronic goods in CarrefourSA stores.

Environmentally-friendly and sensitive citizens will bring the unused electrical and electronic goods and lamps to CarrefourSA stores and contribute to the education of children with autism as well as the support for recycling.

Those who wish to contribute to this social responsibility project can support the education of children with autism as of October 2, by bringing wastes of small home appliances and lamps to CarrefourSA stores in Ataşehir.

Thanks to this project; AGİD, Ataşehir Municipality, and CarrefourSA will contribute to the awareness of the citizens about e-waste and recycling by fulfilling their legal responsibilities and also support the Tohum Autism Foundation with the donations to be made.

Within the scope of the project prepared with the slogan “We are aware of autism, we are at your side with recycling”, the boxes will be put in CarrefourSA stores in Ataşehir to collect waste electrical and electronic goods.

Citizens will support the education of children with autism by throwing out their electrical and electronic small items and lamps that have expired or wasted into the collection boxes at CarrefourSA stores.

The corporate executives said the following about the project:

The Chairman of Turkish Lighting Luminaries Manufacturers Association (AGİD) Fahir Gök stated thatOur association, which is authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the waste management of electrical and electronic goods, has been implementing projects for the reduction of the amount of waste and recycling activities of electricity-operated products such as lighting equipment and small home appliances, power tools, monitoring control instruments from the date of authorization.

Within the scope of this project that we consider very effective at reaching the end user in cooperation with CarrefourSA and Ataşehir Municipality, we aim to create awareness of recycling in the public and to popularize the decomposition in its source. Unfortunately, fluorescent lamps, vacuum cleaners, small appliances, personal care devices and other electronic devices that cannot be collected in a proper and systematic manner pose a risk to the human health and environment by mixing dangerous substances that they include in the water, air, and soil. With the realization of the project, we provide the dissemination of the awareness of recycling of electronic waste in the end user and recycling of wastes in accordance with the standards, while eliminating harmful substances such as mercury, lead, phosphorus contained in the waste; we will also contribute to the education of children with autism by transforming materials such as iron, copper, aluminium, and plastic.

We would like to thank all of our stakeholders who have been with us in the project, we expect that all of you is aware of autism and supports recycling.”

The Deputy Mayor of Ataşehir İlhami Yılmaz stated thatAtaşehir Municipality has been a pioneer municipality for 9 years with its projects developed and produced for the environment and human health.

Our Municipality is trying to pay its debt to nature through especially by organizing works for collecting and recycling waste.

With our social responsibility project initiated with the slogan “We are aware of autism, we are at your side with recycling”, we aimed to contribute to the education and training processes of our children who are diagnosed with autism in its target group and to support them in their social and personal development processes.

The small or large contribution and support of everyone in the education, training, and development of these special children will be extremely important for us. We hope that this is a good example project for the formation of social responsibility awareness and it grows more and spreads.”

CarrefourSA General Director Kutay Kartallıoğlu, interpreted their support to the E-waste Collection Project; and stated that “Electrical and electronic products, which we use intensively at every moment of our lives, start to harm both the environment and human health after filling their usage periods.

As CarrefourSA, we have realized awareness-raising activities by collecting many waste products from our customers, from batteries to lamps, electronics to vegetable oil, in line with our sensitivity to the environment and human health.

We are adding a new one by supporting the E-Waste Collection campaign organized by Turkish Lighting Luminaries Manufacturers Association with the support of Ataşehir Municipality.

Thus, we contribute to the sustainability of our activities to raise awareness and protect the environment. The fact that the income which will be donated through the disposal by licensed institutions to the Tohum Autism Foundation constitutes the proudest part of the campaign.”

Tohum Autism Foundation General Director Betül Selcen Özer, stated that “Today, one in every 68 children in the world is born with the risk of autism and this figure is increasing every year.

In order to raise awareness of autism, which is a developmental difference that is seen in the first three years of life and provide education for children with autism,  CarrefourSA, Ataşehir Municipality, AGİD, Exitcom joined forces and realized a very important cooperation and recycling project for Tohum Autism Foundation.

The more we can provide a scholarship to our children, the more hopeful we can be for their future. Because the only treatment, remedy, drug for autism known today is education. That’s why the greatest support you can give to children with autism is to give them the opportunity to have an education.

We invite all those who want to offer this opportunity to support the recycling project. We wholeheartedly express our gratitude to our stakeholders in this project by saying, “We are aware of autism, we are at your side with recycling”

Exitcom Recycling General Director Murat Ilgar stated thatAs a leading company in the electronic waste recycling in Turkey, we are contributing to the cyclical economy and sustainable environment by providing the recycling of all electronic waste group with our principle including zero emissions approach and our continuously developing environmental processes.

In addition, with drawing attention to environmental damage caused by electronic waste, we have been carrying out many projects aiming to contribute to recycling and to raise awareness of people and institutions.

At the same time, we aim to increase awareness through social responsibility projects and reach more institutions/people. In cooperation with the Municipality of Ataşehir, CarrefourSA, AGİD and Tohum Autism Foundation, we aim to provide an educational support for the future of our children by drawing attention to the sensitivity of our environment and our children with autism by implementing the project “We are aware of autism, we are at your side with recycling”.

We are happy to be a part of this environmental social responsibility project which will provide scholarships to the education of many children with autism with the income from the recycling of electronic wastes and we sincerely thank all our stakeholders for their sensitivity and contribution. We invite you to be hope for the future of our children with your support for recycling.”