Sylvania introduced new members of the ToLEDo LED lamp family at the Frankfurt Light & Building 2018 Fair. Products which have E27 and E14 lamp base stand out from the standard lamps with their features and different designs.

         ToLEDo Vintage Series, which has 10 different shapes, spiral filament construction, 2000K colour temperature to create a cosy ambiance, new and innovative Flexible Filament Chip Technology (FFCT) to minimize glare and three unique filament construction design (Helix, Cord and Flow) , can create different ambiences in places where architectural lighting projects such as residential, hotel, restaurant and café. It is 7.5 times longer than incandescent vintage lamps with 3 years warranty and 15000 hours of life. As well as it makes differences with its dimmable feature.

       ToLEDo Mirage series offers a different option in addition to Vintage series, with 25,000 hours of life and 6 different designs.

       ToLEDo Presence allows you to create a smart lighting system in your home with just one lamp. Only replacing the lamp offers both energy saving and practical use without any other expense, labour and equipment.

The sensor on the lamp which receives infrared signals for up to 3 meters and automatically switches on / off when the signal is detected. The lamp in 12W power drops to 50% of the lumen output when no signal is detected during 40 seconds, and the power consumption drops to 6W. If no signal is detected during 60 seconds, the lamp consumes only 0.5W of power in standby mode. It has 15000hours of life and offers energy-saving intelligent lighting solutions wherever lamps are used.

     ToLEDo ™ Step-Dim and ToLEDo ™ Twin-Tone series provide different light options with by pressing standard switches. ToLEDo Step-Dim, which does not require an external dimmer or remote control, reduces the light level to 30% with one touch. ToLEDo Twin-Tone offers two different color temperature options, 2700K and 4000K, with pressing on/off switch.

Colour temperature of ToLEDo ™ SunDim can be changed from 2700K (100%) to 2000K (10%), with the help of a standard dimmer. ToLEDo SunDim has E27 and E14 lamp base and available in 25000 hours of life.