The New Member of Schneider Electric Acti 9 Series: IDPN VIGI Residual Current Device (RCD) & Miniature Circuit-Breaker (MCB)

Schneider Electric adds yet another product to its innovative protection, control and communication devices series, Acti 9. IDPN VIGI residual current protection device MCB offers a time-saving, efficient and reliable solution thanks to its integrated control capabilities.

Schneider Electric™, global specialist in energy management and automation, adds IDPN VIGI residual current devices MCB (RCBO) to its Acti 9 family consisting of innovative protection, control and communication devices. Designed for impeccable control and safety, these integrated control circuit breakers offer increased efficiency with the combination of residual current, overcurrent and short-circuit protection.

State-of-the-art IDPN VIGI offers the highest protection against electrical shocks. The device isolates and insulates the output circuits, eliminates the outages, and ensures high service continuity for critical circuits.

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IDPN VIGIIntegrated MCB and RCD protection is the best solution for the installations where high service continuity is a must under conditions such as extreme weather, harmonics and temporary working currents.

Moreover, it is possible to detect any source of failure in a circuit, conveniently, be it a short-circuit, overcurrent or residual current, thanks to IDPN VIGI. IDPN VIGI accelerates this process with the double Visi-Trip indicators integrated on the device allowing for immediate failure detection with ease.

IDPN VIGI opens the relevant circuit only in case of a residual current failure, isolating the situation immediately. The device offers the ease of cordless installation with integrated products with added benefit of eliminating absolute power outages. With the aforementioned features, IDPN VOGO offers a time-saving, efficient and reliable solution to institutions.

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