Sigma Electricity offers solutions designed for industrial and residential projects.

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Mustafa TOKHAN:

“Our Target for 2018 is 50% Growth”

As we start our interview, will you be so kind to tell us the story of Sigma Electricity?

As one of the leading firms operating in Turkish electromechanics industry, Sigma Electricity was founded in 1993 focusing on automatic fuse production.

In 2006, Sigma Electricity decided on increasing the volume of investment in order to expand its product range and the company was taken over by Ünlü Holding, a leading holding operating in Turkey, which in return ensured the R&D and tech power it has today, the sense of modern production in line with the latest changes in the sector, and an executive team which is aware of the new demands in the market as one of the select firms of the electromechanics industry.

Today, the company employs 170 people in its manufacturing plant located in Sancaktepe, Istanbul and contributes to the national economy.

Please tell us about your products..

Sigma Electricity manufactures low-voltage protection, measurement and control equipment. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with national and international standards such as IEC and EN under the quality assurance of ISO. Our product range consists of more than 2,000 products with separate codes including AG circuit breakers; automatic fuses; residual current relay switches; AG current transformers, compensation equipment, etc.

What is the target industry for your products?

Sigma Electricity offers solutions designed for industrial and residential projects.

Our products are commonly used in protection, measurement and control systems operating under 1,000V which is often referred to as Low-Voltage. In addition to a wide range of products designed for housing projects, we are offering solutions for industrial and commercial facilities

Which foreign markets attract you in addition to the local market?

Sigma Electricity products are available in more than 55 countries on 4 continents and it increases its market share every other day as a global brand with growing brand recognition. Among the countries we export are the UK, Spain, Egypt, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Poland, Iraq, Uganda, Morocco, Ukraine, Philippines, Peru and others.

And we are making our products available locally in every city of Turkey thanks to our strong distribution network. Planning to further improve our distribution network in 2018, we are aiming for even better product availability.

Please tell us about your inclusion into Ünlü Group and your growth..

Ünlü Group is one of the Turkey’s leading holdings and it operates in sectors such as textiles, international trade and electricity with more than 1,000 employees. Having been contributing to the national economy with its investments into these three sectors, Ünlü Holding has become the pioneer in the Electricity sector with the investment it made into the sector with Sigma Electricity since 2008.

Sigma Electricity set a target of 50% growth in 2018 when compared to the previous year and it aims to become the best brand of Turkey in its sector in the next 5 years with ongoing growth.

Our plan is to continue our operations in our new manufacturing plant in the next 2 years with an increase in our production capacity by 400%. Our aim is to become one of the leading AG switch firms in the world and not just in Turkey by 2023 with 1,000 employees.

What are the investments plans you have for 2018?      

Sigma Electricity plans to introduce at least 3-4 new products annually in line with demands of the local and international markets.

In 2018, we have added 6 new products into our portfolio so far. Automatic fuses with residual current protection, LV circuit-breakers with residual current protection and thermal protection, panel type signal lamps, new series of LV circuit-breakers, remotely controlled automatic fuses, economic series of automatic fuses will be in our price list for 2018.

Nevertheless, we are planning to add custom solutions for compensation systems to our portfolio in Q2 of 2018.

What do you think about the recent industrial developments?

The performance and development of our sector are proportionally increasing with the investments made into energy and construction fields and it grows gradually due to ever-increasing energy need.

However, such growth brings with it an intensive competition. Consumers are offered several alternatives and one needs to outshine these alternatives to survive. In addition to a rich portfolio, quality, short order delivery times and reasonable prices are among factors defining our place in the competition.

Moreover, factors such as investments made into energy and the investments made into housing in Turkey as required by the increasing energy need of the nation keeps our sector active. Thus, our sector is bound to grow every other day. We believe the sector will further grow in the years to come.

Finally, would you like to share your opinions and recommendations regarding our magazine with us?

As an electrical and electronics engineer, I am an enthusiastic follower of Sektörüm Magazine both in the printed and e-magazine format. Combining a rich content of sectorial news, interviews and product publicity with a remarkable design, it has become a quality sectorial magazine.

I would like to congratulate Nurşah Sunay, Executive Editor, who introduced Sektörüm Magazine to us and I hope it will not compromise on its style in time.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to express ourselves as the actors of the sector and also for your support and contribution to the Electricity and Electronics industry.