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Buse Aydınlatma Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Mehmet YÜKSEL

Buse Lighting was founded in 1992 with the purpose to manufacture interior and exterior lighting systems, classical and modern chande- liers, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lights, garden lights, street lights, cast fountains, light poles, luminaires and accessories to be exported or imported.

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aydınlatma direkleri

In addition to standard products, Buse Lighting also offers custom products and ensures any type of services, be it presales or aftersales, and product warranties, making customer needs their priority.

Buse Aydınlatma sahibi
Buse Aydınlatma Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Mehmet Yüksel

The know-how and experience of the employees of Buse Lighting have played an important role in the company’s current position as one of the leading firms of Turkish lighting sector.

“We are aiming to become one of the leading firms of global lighting sector,” said Mehmet YÜKSEL,

Chairman of the Board of Buse Light- ing, and he noted that they are working on entering the global market in order to achieve the same type of a success they have achieved in Turkey with their innovation and quality standards.

Buse Lighting introduces its quality and practical product range to constructors, ar- chitects and designers, the primary audience of the company for office and commercial spaces.