alex seyis sektörüm dergisi röportaj
alex seyis sektörüm dergisi röportaj

ARGESYS Electronics is a startup with only 1 year of background in the industry. First, I would like to welcome Mr. Seyis and his team to the lighting industry on behalf of all the parties involved.

In this interview we are going to hear from him the birth of a new brand and the incubation if the idea behind this company. It is a startup, but the persons behind this idea are seasoned.

Alex SEYIS dedicated 40 years of his life to this industry and has become a brand with his name. In other words, there is a lot of know-how behind this startup.

Mr. Seyis, please tell us how did the idea of this startup come up, just when everyone thought you were done with the sector?

Actually, I founded this firm as a hobby, as a company I can invest my time to R&D. The demands we have received, on the other hand, led us to a point we never intended to be.

Upon the demands and insistence of our clients, we decided to start manufacturing. In this process, we ended up having a product range serving for 50+ industries, when our initial intention was to invest in R&D.

One of the main reasons behind this was that the ARGESYS Electronics team is made up of professionals with R&D background. Although it was a challenging process, we prevailed using our 38-years experience.

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In this case, we can say that the startup launched smoothly…

It depends on the perspective. Personally, I am not a laid-back person at all. I seek a lot in production and the sense of quality.

It was rather a busy period of time. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said we worked for 24 hours straight at times.

alex seyis sektörüm dergisi röportaj
alex seyis sektörüm dergisi röportaj

The company is now 1 year old. Where do you see ARGESYS in 1 year from now? What are your targets?

We focused on R&D in the last year. What we have to do now is to reinforce our manufacturing operations.

I am thinking of a fully automated production line. ARGESYS will be a strong company with its advanced machine park and a maximum of 50 workers.

With the exception of electronic components, we are aiming for 100% locally manufactured products.

Components are commonly excluded from the production targets of lighting companies. What is the reason behind this?

Is there no chance of their production in Turkey?

Components require a very advanced technology. The basis of this advanced technology was built by a number of firms in the world during the period between 1970s and 1980s.

The scale of investment necessary, technological drawbacks, and the following branding process and its challenges make it almost impossible to produce components.

At some point in time a couple of Turkish firms manufactured components in Turkey, however they disappeared as China entered the scene.

As seen in this example, technological infrastructure is always the most important aspect of production. That is why R&D is everything for us. There is no future for a firm without an R&D department.

So, how do you decide on a roadmap for the design stage in ARGESYS? 

Ms. Sunay, the answer to your question is only about marketing strategy. On the other hand, I am an engineer. A good engineer is not a good marketer.

We design the products of our liking. Our designs, in the last 3 years, are different form their counterparts. We are producing economic and attractive products.

This is a time I mastered my profession and any product I create will be different in many ways from now on.

What are the products/sectors you feel ambitious about?

We are offering products for more than 20 sectors including the healthcare sector. On the other hand, ARGESYS has made a head start in the lighting sector.

In this time, we created products for gas station lighting applications, which we believe was necessary. Additionally, we are offering wallwashers for facade lighting and I can tell you that these are the most beautiful products I have designed so far.

Not to mention our interior lighting products… Although they have a technical lighting emphasis to them, they are also decorative at the same time…

alex seyis sektörüm dergisi röportaj
alex seyis sektörüm dergisi röportaj

Which methods will you use in reaching out to your audience? Are you planning the backbone of your operation to be the distributors or the marketers?

We have never worked with a distribution network. And this is not an option for us in the future. In the past, we have ensured growth using out network thanks to our 40 years of experience.

This time, it will not be the same. I am willing to actively use digital platforms and media. My goal is to enter global markets and I need to use my time correctly if it is to achieve this goal.

I will achieve this goal in the next 3 years, I will assign the management of the company to my trusted employees and watch it grow from afar. This will be the ultimate happiness for me.

I am hundred percent sure that this brand will be on top of the Turkish market in a very short time. I already have experience with Russia, South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Now, I am setting the course to Europe and then to the US.

The Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans are mostly within the reach of electric lighting sector. Here, setting an export goal such as Europe and the US sounds interesting. So, we are talking about a firm which is able to compete with the quality of Europe…

Yes, Ms. Sunay. This is exactly what I am talking about. I got involved in several endeavors in Turkey at any scale and I always did my best. Europe and the US haven’t been in our reach so far.

This is what we are set to achieve. Turkey has been developing in terms of quality and prices in the last 5 years.

The industry is now well-established and people worked hard. I never competed with Chinese products and I will not do it in the future. I do not operate on their low quality level, we have a different vision.

You said that you are going to actively use digital marketing. These sources may speed up the process for you.

So, the question is if ARGESYS is able to meet the increasing demand? Do you keep product stocks. Are the manufacturing facility and the team sufficient for growth?

I have never taken a step in the direction which I couldn’t see what’s next. I always take the job and ensure growth.

And this time it will be no different. It would be wrong to take an approach like ‘invest all you got and sell later’. I always take the job first and then the machinery.

I am internationally recognized and this strategy never failed to provide. We are now operation on an area of 1400 m2 with a team of 30. Please take a note…

Let us host you again in 6 months and discuss what we have done in the current crisis atmosphere.

I would be delighted…

Given the extensive investment into R&D and design, and the fact that you may be eligible for government grant, why do you choose not to use it?

Maybe it is a mistake but I do not like to wait for the return of long-term grants. It takes between 6 months to 1 year to receive a grant.

And one would lose as much time when they start manufacturing. This sector is also about fashion.

Keeping something fashionable on the wait for two years would put you behind. In our world today, the customer defines the product they want.

Let me ask my last question again on the products. Would it be safe to say that a company enters the market and it is ready to ‘compete in design and prices’?


We designed a very thin product which is half the diameter of a standard wallwasher. Aesthetically speaking, it looks perfect. In direct lighting, exposed light sources are not desirable around a building. These applications would look elegant as they get thinner.

This is an ambitious design. It is possible to fit LEDs almost everywhere, but where to fit the luminaire and the control system?

Today, the most commonly used wallwasher is available at a length of 5-6 cm. And we were able to offer this stylish look at 3 cm.

There is no product neither in the World nor Turkey with this scale and this power.

Of course, quality always comes at a cost. But ARGESYS dedicates its efforts to keep the prices minimal for such a superior quality. At this point, the outcome depends heavily on our marketing skills. As I mentioned before, I am an engineer.  I know that I designed the best product.

Offering aesthetic solutions for the need is a unique service provided to the users.

I believe your last sentence will be the headline of our interview.

Mr. Seyis, thank you very much for this delightful interview and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

I would also like to thank you for your visit and for your services to our sector as a team.

With my regards to your readers…

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Interview by Nurşah Sunay

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