Officially opened for business on 15 Jan 2018, soda ash production plant of Kazan Soda Electricity Generation Inc. is equipped with instrumentation, operating and control cables provided by 2M Cable.

2M Cable is one of the go-to brands from Turkey for important projects held in more than 73 countries on 5 continents. Having been exporting to many countries since it was established, 2M Cable was designated as the sole supplier of instrumentation, operating and control cables used in this important project to operate in a product range which is expected to be exported to many countries.

With export numbers increasing every other year, 2M Cable is proud to contribute in this project with its products which will narrow the current account deficit.

Became operational with a grand opening on 15 Jan 2018, manufacturing plant of Kazan Soda Electricity Generation Inc. was built with the aim to extract, process and monetize soda ash which was discovered in Kahramankazan and Sincan, Ankara. It was 11 Feb 2011 when the groundbreaking of the manufacturing plant was made and now it will be operating at full capacity.

Intended to become the largest Heavy Soda Ash and sodium bicarbonate manufacturer, Kazan Soda Electricity Generation plant is built in Northwest Ankara with $1.5 bln investment of Ciner Group. Kazan Soda Electricity Generation Inc. will be producing soda ash, the tenth most traded chemical in the world with a total trade volume of $15 bln.

Kazan Soda is aiming to employ a total number of 2,200 people with the soda ash manufacturing plant designed at a production capacity of 2.7 mln tons. Owner of Turkey’s largest cogeneration plant with 380 MWe and 400 tons steam production capacity, and the world’s largest solution mining, soda ash manufacturing plant, Kazan Soda Electricity Generation Inc. will be exporting 100% of its production.

Expected to supply approximately 14% of the world’s natural soda ash demand, Kazan Soda Electricity Generation Inc. will play an important role in narrowing the current account deficit of Turkey with domestic production.

Heavily used in several sectors such as glass production and baking soda production, Heavy Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) and Sodium Bicarbonate are being exported to many states in the world, especially the European countries, which in return contribute to the national economy.